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As a child in primary school, I decided to be a nuclear physicist. While I started toward that goal in math and physics at the University of Toronto, I ended up with a doctorate in Religious Studies from McGill University. This apparently diverse path reflects my firm belief that truth is one, whether sought through science or theology.

Over the years I have worked as a civil servant in the Canadian federal government, taught courses in biblical studies as a lecturer at several universities and colleges, and since 2001 served as clerk of the Presbytery of Montreal, Presbyterian Church in Canada. I have kept up my interest in science largely by following the developments in astronomy, and by building a telescope and doing the modest amount of observing that is possible under city skies.

My wife and I have one son, who seems to be destined for a career in politics. He and I enjoy canoe camping in the summer, while I relax by cross-country skiing in the winter. My wife’s hobbies are gourmet cooking and fine literature.

Michael Pettem

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